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Brace Face…

It’s been a two-year prep time for Angel and finally the day came. She got braces. We’ve had a ton of events that warrant anticipation in the Lawrence household,  but none of them were as highly anticipated as the day Angel got braces. Apparently it’s cool to have braces in 5th grade. Let me tell you… it wasn’t cool when I got braces the week of Homecoming my Junior year. I was bitter to say the least.

Angel counted down the days, noting her last Sunday without braces (then went on to declare each day of the week as it came), her last time to eat Cane’s without braces, her last time to clean her room without braces. You name it, it was a milestone. I humored her for the most part, but eventually her sister and I were about to lose our minds. So far the most important decision in here life,  besides her decision to follow Christ, was what color rubber bands she wanted. She settled with green and purple.

So it’s done. Angel has braces. She’s pumped and Christal is on deck. Thankfully we have a couple of years before Christal joins team Brace Face.

Last Picture Without Braces


Still Beautiful



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