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Two Years = Forever…

It’s been two years ago to the day that the girls had a visit with their mom and Christal came home with us for good. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it feels like it’s been ages. Either way she’s ours forever. She’s pretty amazing and I’m thankful God thought that Matt & I were cool enough to be her parents.

Christal in pictures….



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Our Community Group gave us a session with Lindsey Whitty of mustard.seed.photograpy as an adoption gift. It was perfect and I loved every minute of the time we spent with her. She has an amazing gift and of course God used her make the girls feel like they are beautifully and wonderfully made. I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the final product and here are just a few…

The Lawrence Family

Get a good look at her. She will be lock in a closet until she's 30.

I love that she's showing off her blue polish.

Oh how I love this man!

Did I mention we had fun?

My favorite!! I wonder what secrets they're telling...

One adored man!

I still can't believe I get to be their mom!!

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Date Night…

The other night at dinner the girls were asking us what it was like before they came. They wanted to know where we sat for dinner, what our routines were like and who put our dishes in the dishwasher since they do now :).

One of the things we told them about was how we used to go out on dates all the time. They thought it was so sweet and suggested we start doing that again. So we did. Matt and I went on a date last night.  Since the day the girls arrived it’s been a struggle for Matt and I to find time to actually go out on dates, but from some encouragement from the girls we actually did it.

The girls were so excited that we were going. They helped me pick out an outfit and get ready. You would have thought I was going to go to the fanciest place in town with the stuff they tried to get me to wear. It was fun.

The more I think about it, the more I like them being involved in or just being aware that once upon a time Matt & I fell in love. The mushy gushy kind and that we are still in love. I want them to have a model of a marriage that honors God and each other. They grew up understanding what it meant for their mom to be “ditched” for another woman. They saw their parents fight with their words and their hands.  I want them to have an experience and a picture that far overshadows those memories. They deserve a Matt Lawrence. They deserve to be loved and honored they way Matt loves and honors me. They are growing up in a home where I strive to love and respect Matt. They watch Matt help me around the house, do laundry & come home from working hard everyday.

So date night is more than just a great time with Matt. It’s an opportunity to show our girls what it means to be treasured by their future husband. I think we’ll do it again next week!

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Mom And Dad…

My whole life my sweet Grandma sent me a check for my birthday. Every year like clock work until I aged out :). Funny how the tradition has followed with my kids getting money from her and Pap for Christmas. They live in Maryland and it’s hard for them to have to go buy gifts and mail them. Besides the kids love getting to pick out their own stuff.

I hadn’t thought anything of it until Angel asked me about it Monday night. She was just wondering if  Grandma was still going to send her $25. I thought it was kind of rude that she asked, but I told her that I assumed that she would. Before I could start on my lecture of how we don’t expect things and it would be ok if she didn’t, Angel wanted to know what my favorite thing was. I told her I had no clue what she was talking about. “Well, I’m just trying to be sneaky about asking you what you want for Christmas. I’m going to use the money Grandma sends to buy you something awesome. You can get something awesome for $25 right?”

I asked her why she would want to spend all her Christmas money on me and she reminded me that she’s broke because she’s been punished from her allowance. That’s another story for another day. We agreed that she didn’t need to buy me anything, but I would love for her to make me something. She got real excited and went to immediately start crafting. I ended up with a booklet that listed some of the cool things we’ve done together and on the very last page she wrote, “You’re an awesome mom!”

It’s one of those things that I will treasure forever. I know that technically, by law and just about every other sense I’m their mom, but sometimes I forget that they consider me that. It’s one of the coolest  things in the world to have kids consider you their mom when they don’t have to. It would be completely acceptable for Matt and I to simply be some pretty cool people who have loved them and helped them, but to them we’re more. We’re their mom and dad. They don’t call us Mom and Dad, but who cares? That’s how they think of us. It’s the best gift I could ever ask for.

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Good Morning Girls…

I have memories of being woken up by my dad with a flip of the switch and him bellowing, “Up from the grave He arose! Like a mighty triumph…” It wasn’t every morning, but it was enough for it to be a memory that will forever be engrained in my head.

Not really intending to, I have developed my own way to wake the girls up. I didn’t realize that I did it so often until this morning. I turn on the light and in the sweetest voice I can muster up I say, “Good morning girls! This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad.” I usually follow it by what the weather is doing so they know how to dress. This morning I walked in, flipped on the light, “Good morning, girls!” And I was interrupted. Christal said, “we know, we know. This is the day the Lord has made. You say it everyday.” I giggled and then realized I’ve created a memory and thought about my dad waking me up.

It’s funny the things that stick with us…

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I have an office full of teddy bears. When we celebrated the girls’ adoption we threw a big party and asked that people bring teddy bears instead of gifts. The teddy bears  are going to go to Brave Heart Children In Need. Brave Heart is an organization that provides teddy bears and bags of toiletries to foster kids when they are removed from their home. I love them. Both of my girls have received gifts from Brave Heart throughout their stay in foster care and we wanted to give back.

Well, the bears are still residing in the Lawrence home. I simply haven’t had a chance to take them to Brave Heart. The main reason is I want to make a big deal out of it and have the girls come with me. The other day Christal was playing with one of them and she asked if she could keep just one of them. I asked her if she remembered the day she was checked out of school by a stranger. She put her head down and nodded. She said it was the worst day ever.

“When you left for school that morning did you know you weren’t going back home?”

“No ma’am.”

“I bet you had a special stuffed animal that was left there.”

“I did. I never saw it again and I don’t know where it is now.”

“I know that makes you pretty sad, but I bet it helped a little when you got a new bear.”

She lifted her head and smiled, “I want other kids to get new ones too. I have plenty of stuffed animals now. I don’t need one of these.”

I told her my plan to pray over the bears before we bring them. She thought that was crazy. So I explained how God takes ordinary things and makes them extraordinary. We talked about how God could use something that isn’t even alive because He’s just that cool. She listed some ways that God might use the bears… they could help snuggle when there isn’t anyone that wants to snuggle with a kid, they could listen when a kid is sad, they could have tea parties with kids, go to the doctor with kids and maybe even meet God. She came up with all those things God could do with a teddy bear. Love her.

The coolest part was telling her about how God does the same thing with our lives. He takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things. I will forever treasure the times I get to share truth with my girls. It’s so beautiful to watch them have compassion for other kids that have similar stories to theirs. And to watch them love them from the overflow of their hearts.

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